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CSJ SDK Appstore Privacy Data Acquisition Instructions

The following user data is collected by CSJ iOS SDK. Developers can refer to this chart when answering app privacy questions on App Store Connect.

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1. Types of data collected

Data Type CSJ Collection Status Remarks
Contact Info
Email Address
Phone Number
Physical Address
Other User Contact Info Other User Contact Info
Do not collect
Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
Health Health
Fitness Fitness
Do not collect
Financial Information Financial Info
Payment Info Payment Info
Credit Info Credit Info
Other Financial Info Other Financial Info
Not Collected
Location Location
Precise Location
Precise Location Coarse Location
Optional collection
No collection
**CSJ will obtain geographic location information for advertising and anti-cheating. **
When the app is granted the geographic location permission by the user, the CSJ will obtain the geographic location information for advertising targeting and anti-cheating;
When the app does not obtain the geographic location permission, the CSJ will not actively obtain the geographic location permission and Geographical location information.
Sensitive Info Sensitive Info Not Collected
Contacts Not collected
User Content
Emails or Text Messages
Photos or Videos
Audio Data
Gameplay Content
Customer Support Support
Other User Content Other User Content
Do not collect
Browsing History Do not collect
Search History Do not collect
User ID User ID
Device ID Device ID
Optional collection User ID
Only used for function-reward video server side verification callback. The developer sends their
username (basically a series of numbers) to the CSJ during the ad request. The CSJ does not know its relationship with the internal user id or internal user
name in the app. The CSJ only receives these Data, do not check, do not verify, do not store, do not use). When the user finishes watching the reward video, the CSJ will send the user id back to the developer's server. If the developer does not use this function, the developer does not need to pass such data.
Device ID
When the app is granted ad tracking permission by the user, CSJ will obtain idfa for ad attribution and tracking.
Purchase Items Purchases
Purchase History Purchase History
Not Collected
Usage Data
Product Interaction Product Interaction
Advertising Data
Other Usage Data
Not Collected
Not Collected
CSJ ads will be counted as follows Advertising data, used by advertisers to count the delivery results.
Impressions, clicks, conversions
Crash Data Crash Data
Performance Data
Other Diagnostic Data
Not Collect
Crash Data
CSJ will collect crash information brought by the CSJ SDK to optimize code defects.
Performance Data
CSJ will collect performance data during SDK operation to optimize the performance of CSJ SDK.
Other Data Other Data
Other Data Types
Collection Technically we also collect some device information (for example, device model, operating system and version, time zone, network type, etc.)

2. Purpose of Data Use

Apple has clearly stated a series of data usage purposes, which require developers to disclose based on the usage of data in the App. As shown in the table below, the CSJ lists the purpose of using the data according to its own functions for reference.

**Based on the purpose of cooperation between the media and CSJ, the main purpose of collecting data for CSJ is to use for "third-party advertising" and "APP functions" (such as traffic monetization functions);
other purposes of use are based on the media's own use of Certainly. **

Purpose of Use Based on the function of accessing CSJ, select the purpose of use of the data
Third-Party Advertising
Third-Party Advertising
Developer advertising or marketing content
Developer's Advertising or Marketing
If your App usage data is used to display first-party advertisements in your application (including sharing with third parties to display advertisements) or other marketing purposes Yes , Please select Yes
Advertising data will be used for analysis, please select Yes
Product Personalization
Product Personalization
If your App uses data for any product personalization function, please select Yes
App Function
App Functionality
Other Purposes
Other Purposes
If your App uses data for other purposes, please select Yes

3. Relevance to user identity

The types of data collected through CSJ are usually connected to identifiers such as the device ID (if available), or to other identifiers (such as the ID issued by the customer during configuration).
Therefore, when asking if the data is linked to an identity, the application developer should choose Yes.

4. About user tracking

According to Apple's definition of tracking, when the app is granted the user's advertising tracking permission, the CSJ will obtain IDFA for advertising attribution and tracking.

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