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Self-rendering basic module configuration instructions (information flow, Banner, interstitial, Draw)


  1. The BUNativeAd class provides various information such as the data type of the native advertisement. After obtaining the data, the developer can obtain the data information of the image advertisement in the attribute data (BUMaterialMeta), such as interactive advertisement types, pictures, advertisement logos, and advertisements. Description, title, etc.
  2. The BUNativeAd class provides data binding of native ads and reporting of click events. Developers can define the display form and layout of information flow ads by themselves.
  3. Use BUAdSlot to initialize a BUNativeAd object and call the loadAdData: method. Developers can get the advertisement data in BUMaterialMeta in the callback of successful advertisement pull.
  4. Developers can create the views that need to display advertisements in advance, and render the advertisement styles according to their own project requirements in the created views.
  5. Developers can use registerContainer:withClickableViews:clickableViews to register views that are bound to click, including pictures, buttons, and so on.
    1. BUNativeAd registered view specific click events (jumping to the ad page, downloading, calling, etc.) behavior is controlled by the SDK.
    2. The specific click event type interactionType (BUInteractionType) comes from the data (BUMaterialMeta) requested by BUNativeAd
  6. If the developer wants to obtain the relevant data information of the video advertisement, he needs to initialize the BUNativeAdRelatedView class to obtain the advertisement logo, dislike button, video view, etc. that need to be added.
  7. If the current dislike style does not meet the needs of your own project, you can refer to the BUDislike class to implement the dislike button style yourself.
  8. If you need to add an advertising logo, dislike button, video view, etc., please initialize BUNativeAdRelatedView first.

Advertising slot class (BUAdSlot)

The BUAdSlot object is the ad slot description information that needs to be set when loading the ad, and it needs to be passed in during the initialization phase in BUNativeAd, BUNativeAdsManager, BUBannerAdView, and BUInterstitialAd. Before loading ads, it must be set up.

Remarks: Please use BUNativeAdsManager to request multiple pieces of advertising data at once

The BUNativeAd class is an interface class for loading advertisements. It can request one advertisement data at a time through the data interface, and can assist UIView to register and process various advertisement click events. After setting the delegate, the data can be obtained. The rootViewController is a mandatory parameter, which pops up the landing page advertisement ViewController.

BUAdSlot interface description

Field Definition Field Name Field Type Remarks
ID Code bit NSString Required parameter, code bit ID
AdType Ad Type BUAdSlotAdType Required parameters; BUAdSlotAdTypeUnknown = 0, BUAdSlotAdTypeBanner = 1, // bannar ad BUDSlotAdTypeInterstitial = 2, // interstitial ad BUDSlotAdTypeSplash = 3, // open screen ad BUAdSlotAdTypeSplash_Cache = 4, // cached Open screen ads BUAdSlotAdTypeFeed = 5, // Information flow ads BUAdSlotAdTypePaster = 6, // paster ads BUAdSlotAdTypeRewardVideo = 7, // Rewarded video ads BUAdSlotAdTypeFullscreenVideo = 8, // Full-screen video ads BUAdSlotAdTypeDrawVideo = 9, // Vertical (immersive) video advertise
position Ad position BUAdSlotPosition Required parameters; BUAdSlotPositionTop = 1, BUAdSlotPositionBottom = 2, BUAdSlotPositionFeed = 3, BUAdSlotPositionMiddle = 4, // Only for interstitial ads BUAdSlotPositionFullscreen = 5,
imgSizeArray A set of image sizes NSMutableArray<BUSize *> // Unit px; optional parameters @property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger width; @property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger height;
imgSize Picture Size BUSize // Unit px; Required parameters @property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger width;@property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger height;
iconSize logo size BUSize // unit px; optional parameters @property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger width; @property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger height;
titleLengthLimit Title maximum length limit NSInteger Optional parameter; ad title maximum length limit
descLengthLimit Description maximum length limit NSInteger Optional parameter; ad description maximum length limit
isOriginAd BOOL Native bannar ads and native interstitial ads are set to 1, other ad types are set to 0, and the default is 0.
dictionaryValue / NSDictionary /

Advertising data class (BUMaterialMeta)

The carrier class of advertisement data is BUMaterialMeta, and all advertisement attributes can be obtained by visiting.

BUMaterialMeta interface description

Field Definition Field Name Field Type Remarks
interactionType Ad interaction type BUInteractionType BUInteractionTypeCustorm = 0,BUInteractionTypeNO_INTERACTION = 1, // Pure advertising display BUInteractionTypeURL = 2, // Use a browser to open the webpage BUInteractionTypePage = 3, // Open the webpage in the app BUInteractionTypeDownload = 4, // Download appBUInteractionTypePhone = 5, // call BUInteractionTypeMessage = 6, // send a message BUInteractionTypeEmail = 7, // send an email BUInteractionTypeVideoAdDetail = 8 // video ad details page
imageAry material picture NSArray<BUImage *> material picture
icon logo logo BUImage logo logo
AdTitle Ad Title NSString Ad Title
AdDescription Ad description NSString Ad description
source Ad source NSString Ad source
buttonText Text Button NSString Text Button
imageMode Information flow advertising mode BUFeedADMode Only used for information flow advertising, other ads ignore this attributeBUFeedADModeSmallImage = 2, //Small image BUFeedADModeLargeImage = 3, //Large image BUFeedADModeGroupImage = 4, //Group image BUFeedVideoAdModeImage = 5, // Video Ads
score star rating NSInteger rating standard 1~5
commentNum Number of Comments NSInteger Number of Comments
appSize Ad installation package size NSInteger Ad installation package size, unit byte
videoDuration Video duration NSInteger Video duration
mediaExt Transmission parameters NSDictionary Transmission parameters

Related view categories can add logos, advertising tags, video views, dislike buttons, etc.

BUNativeAdRelatedView interface description

Field Definition Field Name Field Type Remarks
dislikeButton dislike button UIButton You need to actively add views, accept user feedback, and improve the accuracy of advertising.
adLabel Ad Label UILabel Advertising label, need to be actively added to the view.
logoImageView Advertising logo UIImageView Advertising logo, need to be actively added to the view.
logoADImageView Advertising logo+Advertising logo UIImageView Advertising logo+Advertising logo, need to be actively added to the view.
videoAdView Video View BUVideoAdView Video View must be actively added to the view.
refreshData:nativeAd / / Refresh data callback method; Note: Add logo, advertising label, video view, dislike button, each time you obtain material information, you need to refresh the call-(void)refreshData:(BUNativeAd * The nativeAd method refreshes the data bound to the corresponding view.

Video View (BUVideoAdView)

BUVideoAdView provides play, pause, currentPlayTime and other methods, which can be used by developers in the information flow to realize automatic playback when entering the screen, pause when entering the screen, and click to pass in the elapsed time for replay.

BUVideoAdView interface description

Callback Method Notes
- (CGFloat)currentPlayTime; How to get the playback progress (current time)
- (void)play; Play method
- (void)pause; Pause method
@property (nonatomic, weak, readwrite) UIViewController *rootViewController; Required parameters; set rootViewController, the carrier of advertising jumps, and the root view controller.
@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL drawVideoClickEnable; Whether click to pause the video is allowed, the default is NO. Only used for Draw video ads (immersive ads)
@property (nonatomic, strong, readwrite, nullable) BUMaterialMeta *materialMeta; BUMaterialMeta advertising data carrier class, used to get all the attributes of the advertisement
@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL supportAutoPlay; Whether to support auto play, custom mode of video ads, auto play is supported by default
InitWithMaterial:/playerSeekToTime: How to restore video progress
playerPlayIncon: playInconSize: Custom Pause Button Style Method

BUVideoAdViewDelegate callback description

Callback Method Notes
videoAdView:didLoadFailWithError:videoAdView This method is called when the playback fails; the returned error code (error) indicates the reason for the playback failure. Please refer to the link for details of all error codes. Link
videoAdView: stateDidChanged: This method is called when the videoAdView playback state changes. playerState: the changed state
playerDidPlayFinish: Call this method when playback is complete
videoAdViewDidClick:videoAdView Click callback method, click on the video area will trigger this callback method
videoAdViewFinishViewDidClick: This method is called when the finish view of videoAdView is clicked
videoAdViewDidCloseOtherController: interactionType : This callback is called when the ad jumps to another controller, and the controller is closed. InteractionType: This parameter can be distinguished from the opened appstore/webpage/video ad details page

BUVideoAdView initialization example

self.videoAdView = [[BUVideoAdView alloc] init];
self.videoAdView.materialMeta = (BUMaterialMeta *)self.material;
self.videoAdView.rootViewController = self;
[self addSubview:self.videoAdView];

Not Interested Class (BUDislike)

The style of the dislike button can be customized through the BUDislike class.

BUDislike interface description

Callback method Notes Other instructions
@property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSArray<BUDislikeWords *> *filterWords; BUDislikeWords array can display the second page if [filterWords.options count]> 0 -
initWithNativeAd: Initialize with nativeAd to get filterWords and return BUDislike -
didSelectedFilterWordWithReason: 1) This method is called after the user selects the reason for dislike. (Only applicable to objects using'BUDislike.filterWords') 2) If'[filterWords.options count]> 0'. There is no need to call this method. 3)'BUDislike.filterWords' cannot be changed, filterWord must be one of BUDislike, otherwise it will be filtered. -
nativeAd: adContainerViewDidRemoved: Callback for forced closing of information flow ads. Media needs to do the closing related processing here to avoid abnormal page layout

Note: Use the BUDislike class to ensure that the user clicks to call the interface (didSelectedFilterWordWithReason:) Report the reason

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